MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF LOAN: Based on the information you provided to us your net pay is $1500.00. The maximum amount we can lend to you is $750.00, which
is 50 percent of your net pay.

DATES OF PREVIOUS LOANS: You previously entered into payday loans on
INTEREST: Interest is applied to only the principal amount of the loan.
ATTENTION: This payday loan is intended to address short-term financial needs. The cost of borrowing for this loan may be significantly higher than credit offered by
other lenders. A payday loan is a high-cost loan.

REGULATION: Payday loans are regulated under the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act. For more information on the requirements relating to payday
loans, please contact the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority. The supply of other goods or services is separate and optional under this

YOUR CANCELLATION RIGHTS: You may cancel this agreement within two (2) business days of entering into the agreement. To cancel this agreement, you must complete the below form entitled “Loan Cancelation Request”. You do not have to give a reason for cancelation. The request to cancel will be processed if payment of the principal amount borrowed is received by Digital Cash Cowboy within the two (2) business days of entering into the agreement. You will receive via (e)mail a “Confirmation of Cancelation” once the cancelation has been processed.

If you are not provided with the loan or with a copy of this agreement that complies with British Columbia payday loan regulations when you enter into the agreement, you may cancel the agreement at any time.

To cancel the agreement, you must provide your notice of cancellation, together with the amount you borrowed, to Digital Cash Cowboy Inc. If you have made any
payments under the loan, the Digital Cash Cowboy must return those payments to you at the earliest reasonable opportunity.



REFUNDS: Under certain circumstances, you demand a refund of a payment you made under a payday loan agreement within one year of having made that payment. Either Digital Cash Cowboy Inc. has received a payment to which it is not entitled, or Digital Cash Cowboy Inc. has engaged in prohibited conduct of such a serious nature that you are entitled to a refund of the cost of borrowing that you paid. To obtain a refund you must give a notice demanding it to Digital Cash Cowboy Inc to get your payday loan refund. Refunds requests are to be sent to ( Note that Digital Cash Cowboy Inc will
process your refund within (5) business days. You may choose to collect your refund either in-person, direct deposit or via email money transfer.

Please contact Consumer Protection BC for more information on when you may be entitled to a refund and how to make your demand for a refund. You may contact: Consumer Protection BC toll free at 1-888-564-9963
PO Box 9244, Victoria, B.C. V8W 9J2
Telephone: 604-320-1664 Fax: 250-920-7181 Email: (
Consumer Protection BC website: (

AGREEMENT: You promise to pay the Digital Cash Cowboy Inc. the amount set out above as the total Repayable in accordance with the above payment schedule. As a result, Digital Cash Cowboy hereby gives you $ $100.00 in the form of cash.

COPY OF AGREEMENT: The borrower is entitled to receive a copy of the agreement by requesting it at any time before the end of two years from the end of the term of the agreement from Digital Cash Cowboy Inc if no loan broker has assisted the borrower in obtaining the payday loan.

TRUTH OF APPLICATION: You certify that the information stated on this Loan Agreement is true and correct. You also warrant and guarantee that you are not a
debtor under any proceedings in bankruptcy, insolvency reorganization and have no intention to file or will not file and/or petition for relief under any chapter, section
or subsection of the Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, during this Loan Agreement. You understand that if any of this information is incorrect, Digital Cash
Cowboy Inc. will continue to act against you to recover any outstanding debt. You also waive any defence you may have to such action under the Bankruptcy and
Insolvency Act should you already be a party to any insolvency proceedings prior to the date you enter into this loan agreement. You understand that we are
processing the approval based on the validity of the application and this Loan Agreement. You authorize us to verify any information given by you to Digital Cash
Cowboy Inc. The Borrower agrees to notify Digital Cash Cowboy Inc if there is any change in his or her employment or bank account status.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: You hereby authorize Digital Cash Cowboy Inc. to process your payment on or after the due date stipulated in this Agreement via preauthorized debit. The Borrower will repay this loan either instore by cash/debit or electronically via pre-authorized debit or email money transfer.

LATE CHARGES: If you don’t pay the entire balance due on or by the Due Date of this Loan Agreement, daily interest charges will accrue at a rate of 24% per annum until the amount due is paid in full. Interest will only be applied to the principal amount borrowed. All payments received will be applied first to any returned cheque charges and then additional interest charges, then to the legal fees, then to the cost of borrowing fees and then unpaid principal balance of your Loan Agreement. Digital Cash Cowboy Inc is not permitted to charge you any amount that is not disclosed in this Agreement.

DEFAULT: You will be in default under this Loan Agreement if (a) you stop payment on a cheque or otherwise fail to pay the Total of Payment on or before the Due Date stated on this Loan Agreement, or (b) your provide false or misleading information about yourself, your employment or your financial condition prior to entering this Loan Agreement.

NON-PAYMENT CHARGES: If your payment for this Loan Agreement and applicable interest and fees are not paid in full by the due date, your cheque is returned due to your account being closed, or insufficient funds, or if you stopped the payment on your cheque a one-time late payment charge of $20.00 may apply. If the loan and applicable interest and fees are not paid in full, we will also look to recover any legal fees associated with the enforcement of the Loan Agreement through a court judgment.

By signing this Agreement, you acknowledge that this agreement was filled in before you signed and that you have received a full copy. Further that, you acknowledge that you have read it, understand it and that you agree to all the terms.

The Borrower hereby authorizes Digital Cash Cowboy Inc o/a Cash Cowboy to withdraw from the borrower’s current bank account numbered 2345678 at the or any other bank account held in the borrower’s name, the sum of $115.00 on or after the Due Date as stipulated in this loan agreement.

By signing this agreement, the Borrower acknowledges the following:

You have read and received a copy of this payday loan agreement.

We reviewed with you the total cost of credit and APR for your payday loan and the process you must take to cancel your loan.

You agree to all the terms of this agreement and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

The principal amount of this loan is not more than fifty percent of your net pay or any other income you will receive during the term of the loan.